[Carbon-dev] JSON Handling

Hodchenkov, Paul paul.hodchenkov at oxagile.com
Wed Nov 17 00:31:13 PST 2010

This is cross-post from esb forum. I am having some issues with handling json request in esb and axis2. I can not log/modify and even forward json request.
How JSON works in axis2 described at http://isurues.wordpress.com/2009/10/06/how-to-use-axis2-json/ . I have looked to sources of AbstractJSONOMBuilder and found that namespace which is used in OMSourcedElementImpl is always empty and this produces the following problems:

1)      Can not use json request with RPCMessageReciver

2)      Can not log request at esb

3)      Can not use xpath at esb

4)      Can not even forward it to endpoint

If I set required namespace in debugger then all works fine (even with RPCMessageReceiver). I don't why namespace is not constructed from json request.
Should I write a new JSONBuilder to solve this problem or AbstractJSONOMBuilder can be modified?
JSON Handling is very important for me now.  Any help would be welcome.
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