[Announce] [Dev] WSO2 App Manager 1.0.0 ALPHA Released !

Dinusha Senanayaka dinusha at wso2.com
Tue Dec 23 05:25:48 PST 2014

WSO2 App Manager team is pleased to announce the 1.0.0-ALPHA release. This
release is now available for download at

*Key Features*

   - Securing Web applications with SAML2 SSO
   - Single logout support for web apps
   - Capability to associate comprehensive documentation to a web app
   - Resource level throttling for web-apps
   - URL pattern based authorization using XACML and user roles
   - Visibility control for Web apps
   - Associate tags and ratings to web-apps
   - Capability for obtaining an OAuth2 token by providing SAML token, from
   secured APIs of Webapplications
   - Publishing App Manager Runtime Statistics
   - Integration with Google Analytics
   - Support for workflow extensions
   - Enterprise subscription support in App Manager Store
   - Multi-tenancy support
   - Ability to return SAML response to backend
   - Returning a JWT token to backend
   - Support for installation of mobile apps in IOS/Anndroid devices via


The only prerequisite required to try this release out is an installation
of JDK 1.6 or higher

   -     Download the WSO2 App Manager 1.0.0-ALPHA release from
   -     Extract the downloaded archive
   -     Go to the 'bin' directory and execute wso2server.sh (Unix/Linux)
   or wso2server.bat (Windows)
   -     Point your web browser to http://localhost:9443/publisher to get
   access to App Publisher
   -     Point your web browser to http://localhost:9443/store to get
   access to App Store

We highly appreciate your feedback on this release. Please report any
issues at https://wso2.org/jira/browse/APPM. If you want to see a
particular feature changed or improved, drop us a mail at dev at wso2.org
orarchitecture at wso2.org.

- WSO2 App Manager Team -

Dinusha Dilrukshi
Senior Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc.: http://wso2.com/
Mobile: +94725255071
Blog: http://dinushasblog.blogspot.com/
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