[Announce] [Architecture] App Manager-1.0.0 Released

Dinusha Senanayaka dinusha at wso2.com
Fri May 29 11:54:38 PDT 2015

WSO2 App Manager team is pleased to announce the 1.0.0 release of WSO2 App
Manager.The distribution is available at [1] and the documentation can be
found in [2].
This release includes following features.

Key Features in WSO2 App Manager 1.0.0 Web Apps

   - Single sign on between web apps
   - Visibility control for Web apps
   - Resource level throttling for web-apps
   - URL pattern based authorization
   - XACML Policy support
   - Application Discovery Support
   - Annonymous mode web app accessing capability
   - Capability to associate comprehensive documentation to a web app
   - Enterprise subscription support in store
   - Workflow extensions support
   - Integrating with Google Analytics
   - Publishing App Manager Runtime Statistics
   - Capability to obtaining an OAuth2 token by providing SAML token
   - Wep-apps rating support for store users
   - Capability to associate tags to web-apps
   - Returning SAML response to backend
   - Capability to sort apps in store by usage
   - Multi-tenancy support

Mobile Apps

   - Supports publishing iOS, Android, Hybrid and Web apps
   - Supports publishing Enterprise and public apps in Goolge Play Store
   and Apple iTunes
   - App versioning and lifecycle management
   - Directly downloading mobile apps to relevent devices
   - Self-subscription and Self-unsubscription of apps
   - Enterprise subscription and installation support in store
   - Configurable with WSO2 device management solutions
   - Mobile-apps rating support for store users
   - Support for 3rd party device management solutions
   - Multi-tenancy support

Known Issues

All the open issues pertaining to WSO2 App Manager are reported at the
following location:

   -  Known Issues

How You Can Contribute Mailing Lists

Join our mailing list and correspond with the developers directly.

   - Developer List : dev at wso2.org | Subscribe
   <dev-request at wso2.org?subject=subscribe> | Mail Archive
   - User List : user at wso2.org | Subscribe
   <user-request at wso2.org?subject=subscribe> | Mail Archive

 Reporting Issues

We encourage you to report issues, documentation faults and feature
requests regarding WSO2 App Manager through the public App Manager JIRA
<https://wso2.org/jira/browse/APPM>. You can use the Carbon JIRA
<http://www.wso2.org/jira/browse/CARBON> to report any issues related to
the Carbon base framework or associated Carbon components.

We are committed to ensuring that your enterprise middleware deployment is
completely supported from evaluation to production. Our unique approach
ensures that all support leverages our open development methodology and is
provided by the very same engineers who build the technology.

For more details and to take advantage of this unique opportunity please
visit http://wso2.com/support.
[1] http://wso2.com/products/app-manager/
[2] https://docs.wso2.com/display/APPM100/WSO2+App+Manager+Documentation

 *-- The WSO2 App Manager Team --*

Dinusha Dilrukshi
Associate Technical Lead
WSO2 Inc.: http://wso2.com/
Mobile: +94725255071
Blog: http://dinushasblog.blogspot.com/
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