[Announce] WSO2 API Manager 3.2.0 Released!

Chamila Adhikarinayake chamilaa at wso2.com
Tue Sep 8 17:29:57 PDT 2020

*WSO2 API Manager 3.2.0 Released!*

The WSO2 API Manager team is pleased to announce the release of version
3.2.0 of WSO2 API Manager.

The WSO2 API Manager is a fully open-source full lifecycle API Management
product that can be deployed on-premise, available on SaaS, deployed on a
private cloud, or deployed in a hybrid model. It is comprised of the
following components that provide all of its functionality.

WSO2 API Manager is comprised of several modules.


   API Designer and Publisher: Allows API creators to design, implement and
   document APIs and
   allows API product managers to manage the lifecycle of APIs and create
   API products by using one or more APIs.

   Developer Portal: A portal for onboarding application creators. It
   allows application creators to discover,
   subscribe, test, and consume APIs through their applications.

   API Gateway: Allows access to APIs/services by routing application
   traffic to the relevant endpoints.
   The API Gateway is the component that enforces security, rate-limiting,
   and transformations on API requests while feeding valuable information of
   these requests to API Analytics.

   Key Manager: The security token service of the API Manager which is
   responsible for handling everything
   related to authentication and authorization of API requests. It supports
   a wide variety of security protocols such as OAuth2.0/OIDC, Basic Auth, API
   Key, SAML based single-sign-on.

   Traffic Manager: Used to make a decision on throttling. It also works as
   an event hub for broadcasting controller events such as throttling events,
   block conditions, revoke token retrieval events, API events, API policy
   events, application events, application policy events, application keys
   events, subscription events, and subscription policy events.

   API Analytics: Monitors all traffic that's routed through the API
   gateways to analyze usage patterns,
   SLA violations, consumer behaviors, to provide business insights, and so

And WSO2 API Manager 3.2.0 accompanies the below releases too.


   WSO2 API Manager Tooling- v3.2.0
   <https://github.com/wso2/product-apim-tooling/releases/tag/v3.2.0> -
   This provides the capability to import/export APIs and Applications with
   greater flexibility to create CI/CD pipelines for APIs. Along with that, it
   supports for Kubernetes API operator to deploy and manage APIs in the
   Kubernetes cluster.

   WSO2 API Manager Operator for Kubernetes- v1.1.0
   <https://github.com/wso2/k8s-wso2am-operator/releases/tag/v1.1.0> - With
   WSO2 API Manager Operator, makes it easy to deploy WSO2 API Manager in
   Kubernetes through a simple command. Also, it supports deploying
   recommended deployment patterns in Kubernetes. Introducing a new Custom
   Resource Definition called APIManager to efficiently and easily deploy
   patterns and custom patterns in Kubernetes.

   The API operator for Kubernetes- v1.2.0
   <https://github.com/wso2/k8s-api-operator/releases/tag/v1.2.0> - The API
   operator for Kubernetes makes APIs a first-class citizen in the Kubernetes
   ecosystem. With this, users will be able to expose their microservices as
   managed APIs in the Kubernetes environment without any additional work

For more information on WSO2 API Manager please visit
https://wso2.com/api-management/. Also, take a look at the online product (
documentation <https://apim.docs.wso2.com/en/3.2.0/>).
How to Run


   Extract the downloaded zip

   Go to the bin directory in the extracted folder

   Run the wso2server.sh or wso2server.bat as appropriate

   Launch a web browser and navigate to https://localhost:9443/publisher to
   access the API publisher web app

   Navigate to https://localhost:9443/devportal to access the API store

   Navigate to https://localhost:9443/admin to access Admin Portal

   Use "admin", "admin" as the username and password to log in as an admin

New Features in this Release

Visit (About this release
to find out the features introduced in this release.
Bug Fixes and Improvements in 3.2.0

GitHub (product-apim

GitHub (analytics-apim
Known Issues

All the open issues pertaining to WSO2 API Manager are reported at the
following location:

GitHub (product-apim
<https://github.com/wso2/product-apim/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue>), (
analytics-apim <https://github.com/wso2/analytics-apim/issues>)
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Reporting Issues

We encourage you to report issues, improvements, and feature requests
regarding WSO2 API Manager through WSO2 API Manager GIT Issues

Important: And please be advised that security issues must be reported to
security at wso2.com, not as GitHub issues, in order to reach the proper
audience. We strongly advise following the WSO2 Security Vulnerability
Reporting Guidelines
when reporting the security issues.

-- The WSO2 API Manager Team --

Chamila Adhikarinayake
Associate Technical Lead
WSO2, Inc.
Email  - chamilaa at wso2.com
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