[Announce] WSO2 Integration Studio 7.2.0 Released!

Sajitha Liyanage sajithal at wso2.com
Tue Jan 5 22:15:53 PST 2021

Hi All,

The WSO2 Enterprise Integration team is pleased to announce the release of
WSO2 Integration Studio 7.2.0.

WSO2 Integration Studio is an open-source development environment used to
design and develop integration scenarios for WSO2 Micro Integrator and WSO2
Enterprise Integrator.
WSO2 Integration Studio 7.2.0What's new

   - Eclipse platform version upgraded to 4.16.0.v20200604
   - Bulk connectors import functionality to the integration project
   - Table functionality to the new properties view
   - Search functionality for Connector parameters
   - Generate proxy service from WSDL
   - Bug fixes and other improvements

A list of tasks/bug fixes and improvements shipped with this release can be
found below:

   - 7.2.0-Beta
   - 7.2.0-Beta2 <https://github.com/wso2/integration-studio/issues/41>
   - 7.2.0-RC1


WSO2 Integration Studio 7.2.0 can be downloaded via the website

Online documentation is available at

Follow, Help -> Check for Updates to get the latest updates of Integration
Contribute to WSO2 Integration StudioUser Forum

If you have any questions regarding the product you can use our
StackOverflow forums to raise them.

StackOverflow for Integration Studio
Slack Channel

Join us via official Slack channel for even better communication. You can
talk to our developers directly regarding any issues, concerns about the

WSO2 EI Slack Channel <https://wso2-ei.slack.com/>: Join
Reporting Issues

We encourage you to report issues, improvements, and feature requests
regarding WSO2 Integration Studio through our public WSO2 Integration
Studio GIT Issues <https://github.com/wso2/integration-studio/issues>

~ The WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Team ~

*Sajitha Liyanage | *Senior Software Engineer | WSO2 Inc.
(m) +94716849672 | Email: sajithal at wso2.com
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