[Announce] WSO2 Identity Server 6.0.0 Beta Released!

Isanka Rajapaksha isanka at wso2.com
Fri Jul 29 18:37:02 PDT 2022

The WSO2 Identity and Access Management team is pleased to announce the
release of Identity Server 6.0.0 Beta!Download

You can download WSO2 Identity Server 6.0.0 Beta from here
How to run

   1. Extract the downloaded zip file.
   2. Go to the *bin* directory in the extracted folder.
   3. Run the *wso2server.sh* file if you are on a Linux/Mac OS or run the
   *wso2server.bat* file if you are on a Windows OS.

What's new

*Fixes & features*

A list of all the new features and bug fixes shipped with this release can
be found in the following locations:

   - IS Runtime <https://github.com/wso2/product-is/milestone/228?closed=1>

Known Issues

All the open issues pertaining to WSO2 Identity Server are reported at the
following locations:

   - IS Runtime <https://github.com/wso2/product-is/issues>

Contribute to WSO2 Identity ServerMailing Lists

Join our mailing lists and correspond with the developers directly. We also
encourage you to take part in discussions related to the product in the
architecture mailing list. If you have any questions regarding the product
you can use our StackOverflow forum to raise them as well.

   - IAM Developer List: iam-dev at wso2.org <dev at wso2.org>
   - User Forum: StackOverflow

Slack Channels

Join us via our wso2is.slack.com
even better communication. You can talk to our developers directly
regarding any issues, concerns about the product. We encourage you to start
discussions or join any ongoing discussions with the team, via our slack

   - Discussions about developments: Dev Channel
   - New releases: Release Announcement Channel

Reporting Issues

We encourage you to report issues, improvements, and feature requests
regarding WSO2 Identity Server through our public WSO2 Identity Server GIT
Issues <https://github.com/wso2/product-is/issues>.

*Important: Please be advised that security issues must be reported
to security at wso2.com <security at wso2.com>, not as GitHub issues, in order to
reach the proper audience. We strongly advise following the WSO2 Security
Vulnerability Reporting Guidelines
reporting the security issues.*

For more information about WSO2 Identity Server, please see
<https://wso2.com/identity-and-access-management> or visit the WSO2 Oxygen
Tank <http://wso2.com/library/> developer portal for additional resources.

~ The WSO2 Identity and Access Management Team ~

*Isanka Rajapaksha* | Software Engineer | WSO2 Inc.
(m) +94702515205 | (e) isanka at wso2.com
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