[Builder] [Build Report] Carbon 2.0.3 Release - Carbon Components - continuous build 50 has FAILED. Change made by Hiranya Jayathilaka, waruna and thilinab

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Tue Jan 5 03:07:35 PST 2010

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This build occured because it is a dependant of CBNCONTIN-CBNCORECONTIN-57.
No failed tests found, a possible compilation error.


Code Changes
Hiranya Jayathilaka (52573):

>Fixing a minor bug in the mediation stats code

Hiranya Jayathilaka (52537):

>The new mediation statistics component:
> * Observer API for the mediation stats
> * In-memory statistics store 
> * Persisting statistics observer (optional)
> * Separation of in-stats from out-stats in the UI
> * Operation level stat collection for the endpoints
> * A few minor bug fixes

waruna (52581):

>updated name filter

JIRA Issues
CARBON-5868: If Zero is entered as the Version value of Instance filter, all the instance would be filtered (BPS 1.1.1).

Error Summary
   [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
   [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
   [INFO] Failed to resolve artifact.
   1) org.wso2.carbon.dataservices:org.wso2.carbon.dataservices.core:jar:2.0.3
     Try downloading the file manually from the project website.
     Then, install it using the command: 
         mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.wso2.carbon.dataservices -DartifactId=org.wso2.carbon.dataservices.core -Dversion=2.0.3 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/path/to/file
     Alternatively, if you host your own repository you can deploy the file there: 
         mvn deploy:deploy-file -DgroupId=org.wso2.carbon.dataservices -DartifactId=org.wso2.carbon.dataservices.core -Dversion=2.0.3 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/path/to/file -Durl=[url] -DrepositoryId=[id]
     Path to dependency: 
             1) org.wso2.carbon:org.wso2.carbon.bam.client:bundle:2.0.3
             2) org.wso2.carbon.dataservices:org.wso2.carbon.dataservices.core:jar:2.0.3
   1 required artifact is missing.
   for artifact: 
   from the specified remote repositories:
     central (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2),
     wso2-maven2-repository (http://dist.wso2.org/maven2),
     apache-maven2-repo (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/),
     apache-Incubating-repo (http://people.apache.org/repo/m2-incubating-repository)
   [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
   [INFO] For more information, run Maven with the -e switch

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