[Builder] [Bamboo-Build] WSO2 Carbon 4.2.x > Products 4.2.0 chunk-04 > #121 has FAILED (1 tests failed, no failures were new). Change made by dhanuka ranasinghe and Johann Nallathamby.

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Tue Nov 26 02:00:42 PST 2013

WSO2 Carbon 4.2.x > Products 4.2.0 chunk-04 > #121 failed.
Code has been updated by dhanuka ranasinghe, Johann Nallathamby.
1/27 tests failed, no failures were new.


Currently Responsible

Danushka Fernando (Automatically assigned)
Ishan Jayawardena (Automatically assigned)
Lakmali Erandi (Automatically assigned)
Lasantha Fernando (Automatically assigned)
Ananda Manoj Kumara (Automatically assigned)
Miyuru  Wanninayaka (Automatically assigned)
Nandika Jayawardana (Automatically assigned)
Ravi Undupitiya (Automatically assigned)
shafreen anfar (Automatically assigned)

Failing Jobs
  - Default Job (Default Stage): 1 of 27 tests failed.

Code Changes
Johann Nallathamby (191767):

>Reverting to r190581

Johann Nallathamby (191762):

>Reverting commit r187476 as it was committed after release

dhanuka ranasinghe (191761):

>postgress jpa support

Existing Test Failures (1)
   - HumanTaskCoordinationTest: Create task b4 p

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