[Builder] [Bamboo-Build] WSO2 Carbon 4.2.x > Products 4.2.0 chunk-05 > #12 has FAILED. Change made by shafreen anfar.

Bamboo cbuilder at wso2.org
Fri Nov 29 10:58:15 PST 2013

WSO2 Carbon 4.2.x > Products 4.2.0 chunk-05 > #12 failed.
Code has been updated by shafreen anfar.
No failed tests found, a possible compilation error.


Currently Responsible

Isuru Udana Loku Narangoda (Automatically assigned)
Johann Nallathamby (Automatically assigned)
shafreen anfar (Automatically assigned)

Failing Jobs
  - Default Job (Default Stage): No tests found.

Code Changes
shafreen anfar (192143):

>removing the commented components, features, dependecies and service-stubs from pom files

shafreen anfar (192141):

>creating chunk-05 with the unreleased components of chunk-04

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