[Builder] [SONARQUBE] identity-framework: 2 new issues (new debt: 2h)

SonarQube cbuilder at wso2.org
Tue Aug 11 23:41:10 PDT 2020

Project: identity-framework
Version: 5.18.50-SNAPSHOT

2 new issues (new debt: 2h)

        Bug: 1    Vulnerability: 0    Code Smell: 1

        Style - Exception is caught when Exception is not thrown (java): 1
        Correctness - Value is null and guaranteed to be dereferenced on exception path (java): 1

        correctness: 1
        style: 1

    Most impacted files
        UserRealmProxy.java: 1
        DefaultRequestCoordinator.java: 1

More details at: https://wso2.org/sonar/project/issues?id=org.wso2.carbon.identity.framework%3Aidentity-framework&createdAt=2020-08-12T12%3A00%3A53%2B0530

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