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Tue May 24 04:58:12 PDT 2022

See <https://wso2.org/jenkins/job/products/job/product-microgateway/org.wso2.choreo.connect$enforcer-parent/834/display/redirect>


[INFO] --------------< org.wso2.choreo.connect:enforcer-parent >---------------
[INFO] Building Choreo Connect - Enforcer Parent 1.2.0-m1-SNAPSHOT       [4/10]
[INFO] --------------------------------[ pom ]---------------------------------
[INFO] --- maven-clean-plugin:3.1.0:clean (default-clean) @ enforcer-parent ---
[INFO] --- maven-remote-resources-plugin:1.6.0:process (default) @ enforcer-parent ---
[INFO] Preparing remote bundle org.apache:apache-jar-resource-bundle:1.4
[INFO] Copying 3 resources from 1 bundle.
[INFO] --- maven-install-plugin:2.5.2:install (default-install) @ enforcer-parent ---
[INFO] Installing <https://wso2.org/jenkins/job/products/job/product-microgateway/org.wso2.choreo.connect$enforcer-parent/ws/pom.xml> to /build/jenkins-home/workspace/products/product-microgateway/.repository/org/wso2/choreo/connect/enforcer-parent/1.2.0-m1-SNAPSHOT/enforcer-parent-1.2.0-m1-SNAPSHOT.pom
[INFO] --- dependency-check-maven:7.1.0:check (default-cli) @ enforcer-parent ---
[INFO] Checking for updates
[INFO] Skipping NVD check since last check was within 4 hours.
[INFO] Skipping RetireJS update since last update was within 24 hours.
[INFO] Check for updates complete (7 ms)

Dependency-Check is an open source tool performing a best effort analysis of 3rd party dependencies; false positives and false negatives may exist in the analysis performed by the tool. Use of the tool and the reporting provided constitutes acceptance for use in an AS IS condition, and there are NO warranties, implied or otherwise, with regard to the analysis or its use. Any use of the tool and the reporting provided is at the user’s risk. In no event shall the copyright holder or OWASP be held liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of this tool, the analysis performed, or the resulting report.

   About ODC: https://jeremylong.github.io/DependencyCheck/general/internals.html
   False Positives: https://jeremylong.github.io/DependencyCheck/general/suppression.html

💖 Sponsor: https://github.com/sponsors/jeremylong

[INFO] Analysis Started
[INFO] Finished File Name Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Finished Dependency Merging Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Finished Version Filter Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Finished Hint Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Created CPE Index (0 seconds)
[WARNING] Unable to read suppression file '/home/ubuntu/owasp/owasp-suppressions.xml'
[ERROR] Exception occurred initializing CPE Analyzer.
[INFO] Finished CPE Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Finished False Positive Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Finished NVD CVE Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Finished Sonatype OSS Index Analyzer (0 seconds)
[WARNING] Unable to read suppression file '/home/ubuntu/owasp/owasp-suppressions.xml'
[ERROR] Exception occurred initializing Vulnerability Suppression Analyzer.
[INFO] Finished Vulnerability Suppression Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Finished Dependency Bundling Analyzer (0 seconds)
[INFO] Analysis Complete (0 seconds)
[INFO] Writing report to: <https://wso2.org/jenkins/job/products/job/product-microgateway/org.wso2.choreo.connect$enforcer-parent/ws/target/dependency-check-report.html>

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